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The Alumni Association was contacted by Stephen Spiegel from Metro Sports this past summer of 2008.
He was asking for some input regarding the history of the Interscholastic League as he was preparing
a documentary for television programming.  On a couple of occasions he interviewed some of our alumni on video.
The program was recently televised and is a documentary of the league, past and present.
It showcases several current students telling of the hardships they have had to deal with to get thru school.

The program is approximately 1 1/2 hour long.  The video presented on this website is the short part that presents our Alumni Room and then there is a segment showing some of the guys who meet for breakfast every Friday Morning in Raytown.

There were a couple of errors reported on the video.  There is a segment taken from a football game between NE and East.  The game was reported to be the class of 1956...Actually it was the class of 1948.  They reported that the guys having breakfast in Raytown met every Saturday.... They meet on Fridays.

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