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Lyal Viers Alumni Room...

Velma (Buterbaugh) Showalter '44

Click on Link below, to view Video and Pictures taken at Dedication of the New Renovations to the Alumni Room...
(This was a Surprise honoring Velma)

Surprise Dedication Party

The Alumni Room is a living time capsule reflecting the rich history of Northeast High School. The room was established through a donation in 1994 from Alumni, Lyal Viers.  His wish was to assure that the "students will have the opportunity to gain a sense of pride" from the alumni of the past.  Over the years alumni and alumni Board of Directors have collected and kept in safekeeping documents, pictures and memorabilia that are now on display.  Our hope is to open the Alumni Room for reunion tours, student tours and study groups for teachers and students so we are in keeping with Mr. Viers' vision.

In his remarks at the dedication, he challenged others to make the room a focal point... One of the individuals listening to the challenge was Velma Showalter.  That day Lyal Viers acknowledged Velma and thanked her for her donation to "Our Dear Northeast".  She had assumed the responsibility of Curator and had a tremendous task before her.  After 10 years of service, Velma remains the Curator and is that dedicated individual who has made Lyal Viers vision become a reality.  For the last 10 years, Velma has not only served as Curator, she has also served on the Board of Directors and has built the Alumni Room into a true "Living Time Capsule".  Piece by piece, donation by donation, Velma has carefully been the steward of our history and pride in Northeast. Through her care and concern, we now have a treasure to share with Alumni and Students alike.  Many thanks to Lyal Viers for his vision and generosity and to Velma for her dedication and hard work to such a worthwhile cause.

The Lyal Viers Alumni Room was recently renovated to enhance and reflect the rich history of Northeast High School. Treasures, artifacts and paraphernalia donated and accumulated are displayed to assure that memories from the past will remain intact and appreciated by all. Velma Showalter ‘44 , is one of the original Curators and is responsible for the collecting and maintaining most of the items on display.

The renovation was done by the Northeast High School Alumni Association and the following was done; new paint, new purple carpet with the floor logo still a main focal point as you enter the room, new covered velvet ropes, a neon moving sign to be used to tell of current events, computer to catalog in time, all the items, cabinets cleaned, trophies cleaned and all put on display, pictures enlarged and hung at top of the room of some of the notables. They are Clarence Kelly, Mort Walker, UB Iwerks, General Maxwell Taylor and Charles R. Long. This wall is called the Activity Wall. At the bottom of this wall are pictures of Northeast in the beginning, a picture of War Veterans in a neighborhood store, Charles Luckman Time Magazine cover, 1954 Teen Town, Ethel Rush (school song) and cliff drive.

There is a Competition Wall and enlarged and at the top of the room are photos of Coach Eph Markey, 1996 Olympic Medal Winner, Tim Harden, 1927 First Official State Champion Basketball Team and Coach Reeves Peters.

This is just a sample of all that has been done to assure that students, staff and alumni will have the opportunity to enjoy the memories of the past. Watch for a virtual tour of the room to come soon. An open house will be held in October for all to see the work done.

Our thanks to Velma Buterbaugh Showalter for taking care of our memories, Jerry Snider for his vision, Judy Springer Terry , Larry Terry, David and Judy Parisi Sheridan, Luella Rew, Dick and Helen Kuhr Shores, Bill and B. J. Stephens, and Joe Tamborella for all their hard work and effort in making this room even more special.

Karole Zinger


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