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1. Golf Information Page

This Page explains all the details of Golf Event.

2. Interactive Golf Registration Form
This page is interactive and allows you to fill in all of your info; and after you
have looked over all of your entries, click the "SUBMIT" button that sends an
email to the Golf Committee with your Registration Info.  That will open another
page that your form has been sent and a link to the online PayPal method of payment.
 (Please indicate on PayPal that the transaction is for the Golf Event)

3. Printable Golf Registration Form
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This page is a form that can be printed  on your printer.  You can then fill in all your info and selections,
attach a check for the amount due and mail it to:
                        P.O. Box 1264
                        Blue Springs, Mo 64013-1264

Note: Once the form is displayed on your computer, Move your cursor around the screen, You should see some
icons at the top of the form that will allow you to download the form to your computer or print it to your printer. 
The down-arrow icon is to download. The printer icon is to print.  If you download take notice of what folder
the computer is going to save the file in. (Recommend saving to the desktop of your computer)

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