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Class of 1946
Otis "Corky" Ferguson Porterfield, Jr.,
Class of 1946, deceased 2013.
United States Navy/Seaman First Class.
Service 1946-1948 - Considered WWII.

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William G. Ufford Sr., Class 1946, Still living in Paola, Kansas (Age 95) - USAF, total 281/2 years enlisted Active duty and USAF Reserves, Veteran of Korean War - Retired as a Senior Master Sergeant.

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Class of 1949

Jack L. Hatchitt, Class of 1949, 10 Medals, served in the Korean War Navy Squadron VF-54, they made movie about it's the " Brides of Toko-R1", starring Wm. Holden, Grace Kelly, Mickey Rooney. My airgroup had more combat hours over Korean than any other.

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Thomas G. Naylor, Living, Class 1949, U. S. Army, Sergeant, 1953 to 1955,
Vietnam Vet.

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Emmit E. Stinson, Class of 1949, Was drafted into the Army in August of 1951 for the Korean War. He was sent to Germany in April of 1952. He served in the German Occupation for 16 months. This time later became the "Cold War". He was a Corporal working in headquarters of the 656th Engineer Topographic Battalion.
He is a Life Member of the American Legionand he led the Honor Guard to over 500 grave burials from 1986 tp 2018 in cemeteties in a 50 mile radius of Kansas City, which included standing at attention, firing rifles, taps and the folding and presentation of flag to the widows of the veterans. Emmit passed away on April 1, 2024.

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Class of 1952

James Alan Smith, Living, Class 1952, U. S. Air Force, Sergeant, 1953 to 1957,
Korean War Vet.

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Class of 1956

Aubrey Earl Williamson Jr., Living, Class 1956, U. S. Army Artillery, Spec. 5th Class, 1961 to 1964.

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Class of 1958

Jimmy L. Badger, Living, Class 1958, U. S. Air Force, Lt Colonel, 1964 to1984, Vietnam Vet.

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Class of 1960

Joseph M. Coulson, Living, Class of 1960, U.S. Navy Submarine Services, Pearl Harbour, 3rd Class Petty Officer.

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Class of 1962

Wayne Skiles, Class 1962, U. S. Navy, Lieutenant , Decorated Vietnam - Navy Pilot.

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Class of 1964

Alllan R. Callow, Living, Class of 1964, Army/W-2, Army Aviator (Helicopter Pilot).
Service 1966-1970 Served in Vietnam 9-67 to 9-68.
American by Birth.... Veteran by Choice.

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Alan L. Whitesell Sr., Living, Class 1964, U. S. Air Force, Senio Airman, Vietnam Era.

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Class of 1971

Paul R. Williams, Living, Class of 1971, Army/Specialist 5
Service June 1971 - September 1974. Served in Ft. Campbell, KY; Ft. Knox, KY;
Ft. Ben Harrison, IN; HQ US Army Europe; Heidelberg, Germany; Ft. Riley, KS.

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