If you would like to have your Service info displayed on this website, please create and send an email with your Service info to: karole.zinger@yahoo.com

Things to include...

Full Name
Email Address
Year you graduated from Northeast High School.
Your Military Branch... Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, etc.
Your Tour Years of Service.
Your Rank
Where you were stationed.
You might also submit a SHORT paragraph regarding your Service Experience.
If you would like, you can include a single picture of you in your uniform.

If you are not receiving the Purple & White Newsletter's the Alumni Assn. sends out, the reason could be that we do not have your current information in our Master Database.  To help the Assn. keep current information, please include the following info.

Full Name (Maiden Name if female)
Year you graduated from NE
Phone #
Email Address
Spouse/Other Name
Year they graduated from NE (If applicapable)