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KANSAS CITY, Mo. --One high school football field is about to get a makeover thanks to the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Northeast High School is more than 100-years old and the field looks that old, too.

It is in dire need of repair, but soon the grass will be replaced with synthetic turf. The entire sports complex will also get a makeover thanks to funding from an NFL Grassroots Grant program.

The varsity team currently plays its home games on Bryan Field at Interscholastic League Stadium off Meyer and Swope Parkway. That field received a makeover last year thanks to a similar grant from the NFL.

While many Kansas City schools play their home games there, Northeast will soon be able to play on its own field.

The grant is for $200,000 dollars and Kansas City Schools is matching it.

Besides putting in artificial turf, they will also add lighting for night games, bleachers, better parking and a scoreboard thanks to a $25,000 dollar grant from ESPN.

When it's finished next year, high school, middle school and rec leagues will all be able to play games on the field.

Since 1998, the NFL Grassroots Grant program has handed out more than $37-million to schools in 70 cities to help them fix their football fields.

In that time, the Chiefs have also chipped in funding to renovate 13 local football fields.

To help celebrate winning this grant, Chiefs linebacker Derek Johnson and wide receiver Jason Avant plan to run some drills with the football team Tuesday afternoon.


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