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Class of 1956 Reunion...
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1956 Class of Northeast High School Alumni celebrated their 50th Year Reunion the weekend of August 11th, 12th and 13,
2006. Approximately 122 Northeast Alumni and guests celebrated at several planned reunion events. Also, 4 1956 Van Horn
High School Alumni joined with their former Northeast classmates to celebrate their 50th.

The weekend began Friday evening with a Reunion Party & Reception hosted by Ed Warmington, NE '56, at the Moose Lodge
#10, Sugar Creek, MO. The evening was a casual affair. Classmates and friends renewed acquaintance and recalled memories
of not so long ago.

Saturday afternoon, the woman Alumni were invited to a Ladies Tea and Social at the home of Carlene (Fries) Smith. The ladies
visit was very nice and generally caught up on whats happening in their lives.

Saturday evening was the highlight of the Reunion weekend. A Celebration Dinner was held at the Adams Pointe, Courtyard by
Marriott, in Blue Springs, MO. Some Alumni displayed their memorabilia and souvenirs on the table of memories.

The evenings festivities were conducted by Nancy (Wyatt) Gauert. the ceremony and entertainment. Nancy introduced each
Alumni and each then stated where they presently live. Complementary gifts were awarded by random drawing, one of which
was an old Northeast Brass door knob donated for the reunion by Mr. David F. Becker 1956 Driver Education teacher.

After a delicious dinner a video was shown that had been created especially for the reunion. The video recalled historical and
notable milestones of each decade beginning with the opening of Northeast High School in 1914. High school activities, sports,
and scholastic highlights of the years 1954 thru 1956 graduation were featured. Rounding out the video was a photo record of
the previous ’56 Alumni reunions 1976 through 2001.

A professional group photo was taken of the '56 Alumni and distributed later to each Alumni at the reunion. Throughout the
evening much of the evenings activity was video taped by Raines Studio technicians. Interviews of many of the Alumni were
conducted by Raines. The video recording was edited and released weeks later as a NE Reunion DVD by Raines Studio.

After the dinner celebration many groups continued their celebration at the hotel.

Some of the ladies participated in a Ladies All Night Slumber Party.

The conclusion to the weekend celebration was a Reunion Picnic at Harrison Park, Sugar Creek, MO on Sunday. The picnic was
catered by Zarda Bar-B-Que and Catering.

The 1956 Class of Northeast High School Alumni 50th Year Reunion celebration was fun, emotional, and a memorable event.

1956 Alumni 50th Reunion Planning Committee -

Cathy (Hudson) Moran, Earl Williamson, Joan Williamson, Peggy (Juricak) Dumsky, Deanna (Norman) Otten, Nancy (Wyatt)
Gauert, John Laster, Carolyn (Allen) Laster, Linda (Stockton) Brannock, Marilyn Miller, George Miller.


50th Reunion Picnic at Harrison Park, Sugar Creek, MO

L-R ’57 Chevy HT, Marlene Wormsley, Don Wormsley.

50th Reunion Party & Reception at the Moose Lodge #10,
Sugar Creek, MO. - Friday August 11, 2006.

L-R  Bill Durham, Don Cobb

L-R Sylvia (Simmons) Wilane, Coradean (Czeschin) Naylor

L-R  Deanna (Norman) Otten, Doris (Van Horne) McCoy.

L-R  Larry Black, Carol (Williams) Soule, George “Moe” Lago.

L-R Bob Gahm, Fayan (Johnson) Rochowiak.

L-R  Deanna (Norman) Otten, John Laster, Earl Willamson,
Moose “Lodge” the Mascot, George Miller, Cathy (Hudson) Moran.

L-R Sylvia (Simmons) Wilane, Nancy (Wyatt) Gauert

L-R Pat (Sherwood) Wedding, Nancy (Burgess) Pence

L-R Don Boone, Carol (Williams) Soule

L-R Deanna (Noman) Otten, Judy (Rennison) Harms

L-R  Lee Rozell, Kay (Fox) Hazelbaker, Natalie (Arenson) Crosner,
Ramona (Barlow) Miller.

L-R Nancy (Wyatt) Gauert, E. B. (Bloom) Price, Barbara (Whiteman) Mountjoy

L-R Back Row: Nancy (Wyatt) Gauert, Rosalie (Windrum) Gordon,
Natalie (Arenson) Crosner, Bettie (Jones) Brannon.
Front Row: Martha (Englert) Pennington,  Ramona (Barlow) Miller

50th Reunion Ladies Tea at Carlene Smith’s House
August 12, 2006.

L-R  Norma (McDanel) Hiller, Natalie (Arenson) Crosner,
and the Host - Carlene (Fries) Smith.

L-R Marilyn (Connelly) HardieMelissa (Kerr) Winters

L-R  Pat (Sherwood) Wedding, Marjorie (Van Horn) Fredrickson,
Marcia (Campbell) Cochran

L-R Liz (Trail) Zveglich,Carol (Williams) Soule, Coradean (Czeschin) Naylor

50th Reunion Dinner at the Adams Pointe Marriott, Blue Springs, MO
Saturday, August 12, 2006

L-R Reunion Check-In - Carol (Allen) Laster, Earl Williamson, John Laster.

L-R Earl Williamson, Bettie (Jones) Brannon

Mary (Cole) Mallen.

Mistress of Ceremony – Nancy (Wyatt) Gauert

L-R  Carol (Williams) Soule, Carlene (Fries) Smith

L-R from lower left. seated-Shirley Warmington, standing-Jim Brannon,
standing-Pink-Melissa (Kerr) Winters, Dave Worden, seated-Ed Warmington,
background-Roy Beaty, tan jacket-Rose (Sommers) Lynn, seated-Ed Lynn

L-R Carol (Williams) Soule, Marlene (Thomas) Frakes, Mary (Cole) Mallen

L-R Pat (Smith) McCandless, Cathy (Hudson) Moran, Carol (Williams) Soule.

L-R Carolyn (Chandler) Beevers, Bettie (Jones) Brannon, Marilyn (Chandler) Barth.

L-R  Nancy (Wyatt) Gauert, Coradean (Czeschin) Naylor, Sandra (Carpenter) Gale,
Norma (McDanel) Hiller, Marlene (Thomas) Frakes, Mary (Cole) Mallen,
Nellie (Wallace) Engeler, (Not Identified), Carol (Williams) Soule.

L-R  Charles Anderson, Ronnie Owens.

L-R  Ed Lynn - NE ‘54, Rose (Sommers) Lynn.

L-R  Ramona (Barlow) Miller, Nancy (Wyatt) Gauert,
Bettie (Jones) Brannon, Kay (Fox) Hazelbaker.

L-R  Fayan (Johnson) Rochowicak, Nancy (Wyatt) Gauert, Judy (Rennison) Harms

L-R  Rosalie (Windrum) Gordon, Fayan (Johnson) Rochowicak, Pat (Towles) Graham

George Miller

L-R  Jean (Quinley) Culp, E. B. (Bloom) Price.
Greeting Table: Carol (Allen) Laster.

L-R  Ralph Hiller, Norma (McDanel) Hiller, Sandra (Carpenter) Gale, Paul Gale.

Sandra (Carpenter) Gale, Martha (Englert) Pennington, Carlene (Fries) Smith

George “Moe” Lago, Carol (Ward) Romero, Judy (Rennison) Harms.

L-R Carolyn (Chandler) Beevers, Bettie (Jones) Brannon, Marilyn (Chandler) Barth.

Memorabilia Presentation Table at Adams Pointe Marriott, Blue Springs, MO

CW at table from lower left: Pat (Smith) McCandless, Fayan (Johnson) Rochowiak,
Judith (Rennison) Harms, Pat (Towles) Graham, Joanne (McConnell) Royale.

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