1. So that the Alumni Assn. has your current contact information.
Many P&W's are returned because of an incorrect address... they are charged for that.
       You may not be receiving future P&W's.

2. Without a Current Email Address....
       You will miss out on receiving emails reporting current news items about what's happening
       with the Alumni Assn that they feel you may be interesting in knowing.  We also send out
       notices of a classmate's obituary if it is a fairly recent event.  This info is added to the
       Remembrance Page of this website.

                         VERY EASY.... TAKES ONLY A COUPLE OF MINUTES !

. The Program that allows for MASS EMAILING is well known....
Usually, if you attempt to send an email to a large number of recipients,
      you may be blocked by your internet provider or at least the email is not sent.

      "Constant Contacts" is a program that is widely used to allow mass mailings.
      We currently have about 1200 emails listed but, sadly, many of them bounce
      because they are not current.  Those will soon be removed from that database.
      It's important to check to see that your email is listed and/or current.

    At the bottom of the form you fill out, you will see a message that indicates that by
    submitting your information, you agree to receive these emails we send.

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Your information is not sold or used for any activities that doesn't represent the Alumni Assn.

There is an "UnSubscribe" link on the email that will allow you to OPT-OUT if you wish.

This is NOT a replacement for the P&W Newsletter... However, all of those publications are available
on this website.

If you know of any classmate that is not receiving these occasional emails, Please inform them so they can be included. 

There is a link on each email that allows you to "Forward" the email to someone who is not receiving them.

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