The 2nd Annual Donation Drive was held on May 6th, 2017.

A GREAT BIG "THANK YOU"  goes to to those Students who helped make this year's
event happen.  They volunteered to be there to "Meet", "Greet" and "Grunt". 

They welcomed  those who came to donate items and offered a tour of the building.
Then they did the grunt work... Unloading their vehicles.

When the event ended at about 1:00 pm,  they loaded the big truck that was driven
by Volunteer, Steve Parsquale Class of 1973, that took all of the items to "Savers"
for weighing to determine how much we earned towards our drive.

Alumni who participated in the event: Mary Cincotti '69, President (Who lead the event),
Pat McCollum Roberts '57, Vice President  (greeted those visiting the Alumni Room),
Alice Girard Benson '65 (greeted those who brought items for the Drive,
Sal Fanara '54, plus several other Alumni who dropped by to show support.

Evelyn Hill, a Viking of the heart and former NEHS Parent/Teacher/Alumni Liaison,
who came back for the day to help....  Thanks to All who took the time to be there

Alice Girard Benson '65, with the CREW

Evelyn Hill, Inspecting the loading proceedure.

THANKS TO A GREAT CREW (Some had to leave early), with Mary Cincotta '69, Pres.
and Steve Parsquale '73 who volunteered to drive the truck..
                                            THEY MADE IT HAPPEN !!!

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