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Centennial Celebration at the School
                                            May 17,2014

View Balloon Release Video

Pictures and Videos by Antoinette (Rum) Guarino '79 & Pictures by Sal Fanara '54

Mr. Douglas Bolden, Principal Welcomes All The Alumni & The Northeast Community

Senator Paul LeVota Presented A Proclamation To The Principal, Mr. Douglas Bolden

The Two Proclamations That Were Presented To The School

The 100 Balloon Release (Balloons By Bev Pace) - See Video Link On Previous Page

Sam LeVota Showing The "Italian Sausage And Chips"

ROTC Was Very Helpful With The Celebration... Thanks

Looking Thru Old Annuals....

Viewing School History Video

Are Dotted Lines More Difficult To Walk Than Solid Lines ???


Logo Items Were Very Popular....

Free Popcorn, Cotton Candy & Balloons 

Wow !!!

Community Kids Enjoyed The Jump Houses

Where Did He Find That Chair ???

Finger-Lickin' Good

He Thinks So TOO !!!

Kids Enjoying The Cake Walk

Firemen Also Enjoyed The Cake Walk

Thanks To The Firemen From Stations 18, 23 & 24 Who Helped With The Centennial Celebration

They All Loved The Tours Of The Fire Equipment

Security Got His Ice Cream Too

Free Ice Cream Cones

Vince Totta Sold Delicious Italian Sausages

Music - Music - Music & Dancing

The Alumni Room Was A Popular Place

Hard To Take It All In

For Some.... This Was Their 1st Return Visit Since Graduation

Notice The Mosaic In the Floor

Vertical Photo-OP

Horizontal Photo-OP

Lucky Guy

Proud New Generations


Calendar Boys


Old Friends Catching Up On All The Latest

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