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Your involvement is important to our Alumni Association so that we can continue
providing Scholarships and other needs of our NE Students.

We always appreciate any and all help that is received from our Alumni supporters.

If you are able to attend, Sponsor or donate to this event, it will be greatly appreciated.

The methods of payment online thru this website is limited to PayPal or Venmo.

If you use either one of those methods, They won't give you a way of letting us know what the payment is for.  We need to ask you to also send an email to KAROLE.ZINGER@YAHOO.COM with the following information

Full Name (Including Maiden, Name if applicable)
Class Year
City, State, Zip
Phone #
Email Address

Number of people included for Dinner & Games
Number of people included for just Dinner
If for Donation, Amount
If for Sponsorship, Amount
Other Reason

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*** The Amount of a Contribution that exceeds
the value of any goods or services, if any, are Tax Deductible...

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