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Word From The President

Mary Cincotta

April 28, 2015

I’m sure that everyone reading this was at one time or another asked the following question “What do you
want to be when you grow up?” And while I hate to say it, being the President of the Northeast High
School Alumni Board was never one of my answers. But that’s the beauty of the world we live it –
sometimes what we didn’t even know we wanted, is just what we need.
During the four years I attended Northeast, I went to 1 basketball game, 1 football game and my senior
prom – that was the extent of my involvement in school activities. My parents were very strict and I had
to work; so I wasn’t allowed to stay after school. But when I look back on those years, I still remember
my days at Northeast fondly; and mostly because I had a few exceptional teachers that cared enough to
help me come out of my shell and encouraged me to take chances. Their support was important because
they helped gave me a foundation for the person that I am today, and that includes being the President of
the Northeast High School Alumni Board.

Imagine you want to know why I started with a history lesson. It’s because the majority of excuses I hear
when I talk to other Alumni about becoming an active member and being involved is the same one I had -
they weren’t involved then, why should they be now? Well, I’m living proof of “why now”.
But how did I get here? I read a post on Facebook asking for volunteers to be judges at a debate. It was
at the school and curiosity more than anything else made me decide to do it. I wanted to see what the old
place looked like. But going through those doors forty-one years after I left, was both a step back in time
and a step forward into the future. I saw kids that were bright, polite and anxious to achieve. I saw
teachers that stayed late because they knew their presence was necessary for the kids. I saw a building
that needed some TLC but one that still held the spirit that made the Vikings great.

That was around five years ago and from that day forward, it’s been my goal to be a Viking that would
make those exceptional teachers proud. The incredible thing about this experience is that I know that
anything I put forth for the kids and the school comes back to me ten-fold. The first time I interviewed
kids for scholarships was one of the most amazing days of my life. The same was true of the 100 year
celebration and most recently, attending the all year reunion in Laughlin. Seeing people from all over the
United States, of all ages, coming together to celebrate a school and its impact on their lives, are events
that everyone should be able to experience.

So my wish as the new president of the Northeast High School Alumni Board is that all the inactive
Alumni who are reading this, wake up that sleeping Viking and become the Viking that their exceptional
teacher (and I know every one of you had at least one!) would be proud to know. Start small, pay your
$20.00 annual dues but don’t stop there. Get involved, volunteer at the school or at one of our events and
see firsthand what “once a Viking, always a Viking” truly means. The rewards are well worth it!


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