Special Thanks to Joan (Fults) Palmer, daughter of Jon & Lois Jean Fults, who took several of the group pictures...


Fourth Row - (L-R)
David Dougherty‘54, Vickie Lynn Kilgore’68, Sal Fanara‘54, Chuck Housman‘53, Jim Dillon‘61, David Gibson‘60, Ray Freeman, Cecil Leiby‘59

Third Row - (L-R)
Robert Carder’56, Floyd Cannon’49, Fred Piraro’53, Gail Sims (Floyd Cannon’s Sister), Kathleen Dillon, Deena (Caton) Gibson’62, (Continued…)
Sharon (Windle) Freeman’55, Evelyn Kay Leiby, James Gibson’57, Ron Gustafason (Friend of Mallens'), Bernie Mallen

Second Row (Seated) - (L-R)
Beverly (Pennington) Pace’53, Carol Lee (Mitchell) Piraro’53, Anna Lou (Piraro) Armour’50, Alice Richards’56, Lou Anne Carder, Evelyn Gibson, (Continued…)
Lois Jean Fults, Carol (Horner) Beckett'53

Front Row - (L-R)
Jon Fults’53, Regina Irwin’68, Sandra Dougherty, Mary (Cole) Mallen‘56, Ollie Housman

                                                                40's & 50's
Second Row (L-R)
Sal Fanara'54, David Dougherty'54, Robert Carder’56, James Gibson’57, Sharon (Windle-Pittman) Freeman’55,
Cecil Leiby‘59, (Continued…)
Jon Fults’53, Chuck Housman‘53

Front Row (Seated) - (L-R)
Alice Richards’56, Anna Lou (Piraro) Armour’50, Beverly (Pennington) Pace’53, Mary (Cole) Mallen‘56, Fred Piraro’53, (Continued…)
Carol Lee (Mitchell) Piraro’53, Carol (Horner) Beckett'53

Second Row (L-R)
Vickie Lynn Kilgore’68, Jim Dillon‘61, David Gibson‘60

Front Row (Seated) - (L-R)
Floyd Cannon’49, Regina Irwin’68, Deena (Caton) Gibson’62

                            Carol Lee (Mitchell) & Fred Piraro

                Floyd Cannon & Beverly (Pennington) Pace

            Sharon (Windle-Pittman) & Ray Freeman

            Sharon (Windle-Pittman) & Beverly (Pennington) Pace

                                        Ollie & Chuck Housman

                        David & Sandra Dougherty

                    David & Deena (Caton) Gibson

                    Ron Gustafason (Friend of Mallens'), Regina Irwin

    (L-R) Robert Carder, Lou Anne Carder, Mary (Cole) Mallen, Bernie Mallen
        (Foreground) Top of "Refreshment" Hat worn by
 Ron Gustafason

                                Evelyn & James Gibson

                            Chuck Housman & Daughter, Sharon

                                    Evelyn Kay & Cecil Leiby

                            Vickie (Lynn) Kilgore, & Regina Irwin

                                Jim & Kathleen Dillon

                            Lois Jean & Jon Fults

                            Piraros' & Housmans'

                    Vickie (Lynn) Kilgore, Sal Fanara, Regina Irwin

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